Create A Cleaning & Cooking Schedule

This past month my home has been in disarray. I haven’t had much energy to do my weekly cleaning. What was an eye opener for me, was when my friend came to visit us form NEW YORK and she had to watch me cleaned and even helped. I mean she’s my friend, it’s ok, but then it’s not ok. 

So now it’s the day after Labor Day, I was off from work yesterday. I decided that once I drop the kids off to school, I would come home, pray, mediate on the word and then do some cleaning and cooking for the day. I am able to do this because I work from home. I also decided that I would not work past 4pm. Once the kids get in from school, I would give them a light snack, help them with homework, relax with them and have them showered and ready for bed by 7:30pm/8pm. I can create a schedule to show you, but I am pretty much starting off this week and see how it goes. I’ve done schedules before I didn’t finish them. So I must find something that works for me now and share with you all the results later.

So if there is anything that you can take from this. Clean and cook early in the morning. If you work a 9am – 5pm, then you will have to get up 2 hours before your normal wake up time and get going. 

Trust me, you later in the evening relaxation self will thank me later.

Enjoy! #momlife #howisinglemomit #singlemom 


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