Co – Parenting anyone?

This is a major part of being a single parent. Learning to Co-Parent, wanting to Co-parent, and when the other parent wants no part in the “Co”.
I have been dealing with this issue for quite some time now. I realized today, as I have grown that I didn’t make things easy. Being negative in the beginning caused the father of my children to shut down completely. It truly doesn’t help when their father wasn’t big on communicating to begin with. It leaves me today in being hopeful. Perhaps when he sees that all I want is for him to be apart of his boys lives, and for us to actually TALK things will change. But what do you do if you are all in and the other party isn’t?

Not only that, while I see my wrong in things, I also would like the other party to be aware of the damage caused. 

If any of you are currently co-parenting, would you please share with me and others that are reading what has helped you in having a successful co-parenting relationship? I’ve searched online, and have not come across anything that resonates with me.


2 thoughts on “Co – Parenting anyone?

  1. I’m a single mom and I do co-parent with my child father. If both parents want to co-parent that’s great but if one don’t want to it won’t work. Continue to focus on your kids and yourself. Pray! Pray! And he will make a way. I know it get hard some times but keep the faith.

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    • Pretty much. Sometimes I think there is an opening of improvement, but it’s only a reminder of how much the other party isn’t willing. Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it.


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