My boy doesn’t want to eat his dinner, so I tried a different approach…..

Every night I have the same challenge with SJ and dinner. My child is a VERY picky eater. At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with Autism, but recently I was told, he doesn’t have autism, but ADHD. (Misdiagnosed, but That’s for another story) nonetheless, with being on the or not being on the spectrum, he has some sensory issues. Certain food textures cause him to not eat regular foods because of how it feels. It sets triggers causing him to have anxiety or tantrums as I would call it, leaving him with no desire to eat at all.

When we lived NY he received a lot of therapy which I feel has helped him Til this today. So with the foods that he does eat, as long as he is getting his necessity and his weight is up to par I’m good. When we have dinner, myself and CT will have, rice, beans, vegetables and chicken, and SJ will eat porridge (oatmeal – or spaghetti).  I’ve tried other foodS and he just doesn’t want to eat it. It gets stressful when I want to give him other things, and he just won’t eat it. Imagine how it is when we go out for dinner. We went to red lobster, while myself and CT had other dishes, SJ had biscuits. But that’s just us making the best of it, and we all love that. 

While It does get stressful, I’ve also had to change the way I handle it. He eats other foods, fruits yogurts, cereal, pancakes, waffles, spaghetti (extra soft and extra soft noodles) grilled cheese sandwiches etc. his doctor in NY calls him a beige eater. He also likes smoothies and green juices that I make at home. My point in sharing this was, just a minute ago, SJ was having a meltdown. He just didn’t want to eat his porridge. He will be 6 soon, so me feeding him porridge and spaghetti Is a big no no for me. He eats everything else on his own, but the foods that I feel are even more beneficial during dinner time, must be eaten independently. I’M TEACHING INDEPENDENCE IN MY HOUSEHOLD PERIOD! 

I found myself getting upset, 😡and I quickly stopped myself 🙃. I felt the need to encourage him. God just reminded me that sometimes when we don’t want to do something, we need to find our own motivation or, speak to someone to encourage us. So rather than threaten him with ‘the 5 min or else’ deal, I said, ok SJ, you got this baby, take that spoon. YOU CAN DO IT. Eat it. 

Then he proceeded. One spoon down, another to go. Ok SJ, keep it going let’s go baby! 2nd spoon. The tears stopped, he wiped his face, he’s nodding his  head and digging the compliments. Now I feel like I’m at a football game and I’m telling my QB, let’s go! You got this. (Claps hands together for added effect) CT, walks by, & gives  him the thumbs up. Reassurance from his big brother put a bigger smile on his face…..and then,  he finished it. YAYYY! Let’s go! That’s what I’m talking about SJ, you did it. (Aggressive mom voice)

Sometimes, we all need just a little bit of encouragement, no matter the obstacle. 

And this is How I Single Mom It!#encouragment #motivation #singlemom 


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