My youngest cries – ALOT‼️

Idk what to do. Besides praying, I chalked up the switched roles because of age. I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old. CT Who is 7 is the more calm, chill quiet but intuitive encourager. If his younger brother SJ pushes him, CT is crying. I would say, C, come on man, no need to cry. You are the oldest, stand firm! Don’t let him bully you. I will then turn to SJ who is the spontaneous adventures out, this world is mine type of aggressive but very loving stubborn encourager. I reprimanded him for it, while explaining why it isn’t good and how he should approach things etc.

But no, now I think they switched roles. CT just turned 7, so I’m thinking that, it’s a 6 year old thing,because CT use to cry for EVERYTHING. And now  SJ is approaching 6 beginning of next year… It has me🤔🤔🤔

Am I bugging? Am I over analyizng things? Like what is going on? Can someone give me some feedback? I’ll go on google and Pinterest because his crying is really one of those, where I put my face in my pillow and want to scream. 

Feedback, please!! It’s needed 😭


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