Patience just hit me!

It just hit me smack in my face. As I’m cleaning my bedroom I’m thanking God. I said to myself: wow God, the kids have been pretty calm lately. I mean they still get into their mischief, but their listening skills as well as their hypermess has went down some. 

Then it hit me. Once upon a time (two weeks ago), I use to complain about their behavior outside, at camp, in the supermarket. I mean I use to snap at everything. Then I had a moment with God and realized, but wait. Perhaps it’s you Jasmine. All that you are doing isn’t working. Perhaps you need to pray about it. If things aren’t changing, you have to change the way you look at things. Then I went down the list as to why I need to change my stinking thinking!

•they are children

•they need guidance 

•you rule your home

•they don’t rule you

•don’t yell- they will stop listening

•you have patience, so PRACTICE patience

I mean things were coming to me left and right. Why, because I leaned not on my own understanding. I asked God and he said you are already equipped. I told my boys, there is no more playing allowed in the living room. It is to sit, unwind, watch tv. I told them your room is where you sleep and where you play. I mean, I’m just astonished at this. It’s a miracle to me, because raising them alone, God has shown me so much about myself and how I want my children to be. I’m not saying we are perfect, but we are all working together as a collective unit. We are developing a great relationship with communication as well as spreading LOTS OF LOVE and implementing boundaries. It doesn’t matter that they are 7 and 5 years old. These are the best times!

#grateful #patience #proudsinglemomh


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