It’s time to find a babysitter? 

Soooooooo here I am, I finally have the courage to actually use to hire a private babysitter. The type of work I do requires travel within the state. And TEXAS is pretty big, being that the trips I take are 5 hours or more a way. My brother, God bless him, watches his nephews on his day off or sometimes takes off to do it. He’s 18, I don’t want to keep asking him. 

One: they are my responsibility not his, and two: it isn’t fair to him. Since  I cannot take the boys with me all the time, I decided that a babysitter is needed. I will hire her on a part time basis. I will use her for work and for times when I want to have some me time. I’ve taken a leap of faith thus far, so I shouldn’t be selective with it. My fear with finding a private sitter that can watch them at home comes from stories I’ve heard on the news or the fear put in my from family members. The funny part about those very family members are the ones that don’t help today. So guys, I’m taking a leap of faith, and once it is done I will get back to you on how it is going. 


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