How did I get here? Part 1 of 2

Being a single mother wasn’t something that I foresaw. But it was a choice. The last time I was in a relationship, was with my kids father about 4 years ago. Separating after having a family was a choice I made because my oldest, who was two years old at the time would ask me EVERYDAY. Mommy are you happy? If a two year old can tell the difference between happiness and sadness, a change had to be made. Now I am not saying that all blame goes to him, because it doesn’t. But what I am saying is that knowing that I had control over the choices I made and knowing that my kids will be effected either way, it had to be done. So I chose the positive path. I remember the day I shared my choice with my father. I’ve seen my father cry before, but not like this. I sat in the passenger seat while my dad drove myself and his two grand babies down the FDR back home to Harlem from Brooklyn. I was really looking at my dad rolling my eyes like, I got this! But didn’t fully understand why he was boo hoo-ing the way that he was. But I was soon to find out….but I am going to stop right here because I have to go get my boys from summer camp. They get upset if I am too late…. Go figure!!! Chat with you soon! And don’t forget to hit the follow button on the bottom of the home page! Do share please! It makes my teeth whiter!! 😘


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